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Procedure Based Assessments in Shoulder and Elbow surgery

Shoulder & Elbow 5(2) 73-77 2013


The United Kingdom Trauma and Orthopaedic curriculum, containing procedure-based assessment (PBA) was the first surgical curriculum to be published in the world. PBA are used as a record of the training experience and, over time, provides a summative record of the trainees progress in developing their competence in learning procedures and performing them to the required standard. The original 14 index procedures did not include the majority of those performed in the upper limb. The Education Committee of the British Shoulder and Elbow Society undertook to produce PBA that were relevant to their trainees. The present review describes the process by which these were developed and implemented with the aim of helping both those who use PBA and those who may be considering developing them in the future.


Tennent, Duncan; Pitts, David; Foote, Julian

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