New Surgical Technique for Shoulder Dislocation

April 3, 2014 0 Comments

Posterior (backwards) dislocation of the shoulder is becoming increasingly common.

An innovative arthroscopic procedure has been developed by the St. George’s Shoulder Unit. This has been published in the leading journal of arthroscopy  -Arthroscopy Techniques.
The technique has been widely acclaimed by surgeons nationally and internationally as an elegant solution to an often difficult surgical problem.


Duncan Tennent, F.R.C.S.(Orth),* Chiara Concina, M.D., and Eyiyemi Pearse, F.R.C.S.(Orth)
Arthroscopic Posterior Stabilization of the Shoulder Using a Percutaneous Knotless Mattress Suture Technique
Arthrosc Tech. Feb 2014; 3(1): e161–e164.


Posterior shoulder instability is far less common than anterior instability, and its arthroscopic treatment can be technically demanding. We describe a percutaneous arthroscopic technique for posterior shoulder stabilization using mattress sutures and knotless anchors. Spinal needles are used to pass the sutures percutaneously in a mattress fashion. Knotless anchors are used to secure the sutures under the labrum. These anchors can be used without cannulas, giving easier access to the posterior glenoid. This procedure is simple, cost-effective, and safe, avoiding the presence of both knots and suture strands in contact with the humeral head.

Posterior Labral Repair

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